Reverse Lightning Research Has Been Done

Scientists conducted a research on lightning that travels from the upper part of the clouds to the ionosphere. As a result of the researches, a lot of information about these extraordinary lightning has been reached. However, there are still very important unknowns.

We all know about lightning and lightning. This natural phenomenon, which is caused by the electric charge in the clouds, is scary for some of us, but fascinating for others. now lightning There has been a remarkable development. Experts did research on a type of lightning that acts the opposite of a normal lightning bolt. The results obtained are quite it was interesting.

Lightning and lightning, the current resulting from the contact of electrically charged clouds. reach the earth occurs with. However, the subject of today’s research was lightning that stretched from clouds into space. Scientists discovered this type of lightning years ago, but they did not have enough information. Here, the latest research has shed light on many mysteries about these extraordinary lightning bolts.

Here are the lightning bolts stretching from the clouds to space

Continuing his studies at the Georgia Tech Research Institute Levi BoggsOn May 14, 2018, he learned that there were images of reverse lightning caught on cameras in the US state of Oklahoma. Upon this, the scientist, who reached the scientific institutions in the region and collected the images of the moments when the lightning occurred, managed to conduct a detailed study with his team. As a result of the studies carried out, related to these extraordinary lightning lots of information found.

reverse lightning

According to the information obtained, on the contrary, the length of lightning starts above the clouds (around 8 kilometers from the ground) and up to 80 kilometers could reach. Moreover, this lightning had an electric charge of 300 coulombs. Considering that the average lightning has an electrical charge of 5 columb, this was indeed high. Conversely, the temperature of lightning bolts is 200 to 4,700 degrees Celsius varied in the range.

Although the research has provided important data on extraordinary lightning, it still Some there are unknowns. For example, no one knows why lightning bolts, contrary to the custom, go into space. Researchers find that lightning strikes downward or toward other clouds. hindering they believe something can happen.


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