Restriction of User Withdrawals from Voyager Digital, Who Couldn’t Take Tens of Thousands of Bitcoin Debt

Crypto trading platform Voyager Digital has reduced the daily withdrawal limit for users to $10,000 after announcing that it was in a relationship with Three Arrow Capital (3AC), which was having trouble.

Voyager Digital in a statement yesterday 370 million dollars worth 15,250 piece Bitcoin (BTC) and 350 million USDC If the debt is not repaid 3ACwill give a default warning to meet liquidity needs for Alameda Researchfrom 200 million dollars and 15,000 Bitcoins He stated that he got a loan.

After the announcement, by some users who wanted to withdraw their money from the platform. The daily withdrawal limit has been reduced to $10,000. reported.

Specially the daily withdrawal limit $125,000A Twitter user who stated that he upgraded to a 90,000 dollarscash withdrawal process being rejected told.

The issue caused controversy on social media. Some users may not exceed the daily withdrawal limit. 10,000 dollarsWhile confirming that it was downgraded to a, many users it’s not true reported that they successfully completed the withdrawal process.

Voyager, while the discussions between users continued, he put an end to the discussions with the change he made to an information on the website. Before $25,000 daily withdrawal limit Updated 9 Hours ago and for $10,000 was dropped.

This restriction of Voyager, market conditions and 3AC not refunding because of efforts to reduce liquidity risks. thought to be part of it.

At the time the news was written VoyagerThere has been no official statement yet on the matter.

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