Republicans announce investigation into President Biden

Joe and Hunter Biden

A committee in Congress is to deal with father and son.

(Photo: IMAGO/ZUMA Wire)

Washington The Republicans want to use their newly won majority in the House of Representatives to investigate President Joe Biden. Rep. James Comer announced the Oversight and Reform Committee will review bank records and whistleblower testimonies involving the President and his son, Hunter Biden. Comer is expected to chair the panel.

“I want to be clear,” Comer said. The behavior of Joe Biden is being investigated. “The committee will focus on that in this next congress.” The question at stake is whether Biden was influenced by dollar payments from abroad. A government spokesman dismissed the suspicions as politically motivated attacks based on long-debunked conspiracy theories.

Former President Donald Trump and his allies have accused Hunter Biden of misconduct in activities in Ukraine and China for years. Republicans suggest his father allegedly knew about it. The president’s son announced in 2020 that federal prosecutors were examining his tax records. Joe Biden has stated that he has not discussed foreign business with his son and that his Justice Department would be independent in any investigation into any member of his family.

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