Reply to Bios Coming to Instagram

The future of features has appeared on Instagram that will allow you to respond to bios and add effects to your birthday photo. In addition, the first details of the Twitter rival platform Meta is working on have also surfaced.

Lately Instagram, which brings features brimming with criticism from usersLooks like it will add new ones to them. One of them is the one that many users have never thought of before, and when it comes to “Why is there such a thing?” will be a feature that he will say.

Alessandro Paluzzi Screenshots shared by showed that we can respond to bios on profiles. Now when you see very unusual biographies We’re not just going to see. On the other hand, the shares also revealed that a special feature for the birthday of users and the Twitter rival platform are also being worked on.

Here’s what the new feature looks like that will allow you to respond to bios:

As you can see from above, the new feature being worked on will allow you to reply to other users’ bios. Also, this won’t be limited to just text-only replies to bios. Just as with stories and messages, so do biographies. We will be able to react with emojis.

A feature is also coming to celebrate your birthdays.

Another feature shared by Paluzzi is prepared for birthdays. From the screenshot, users can take a selfie to congratulate their birthday and add it to the photo. birthday effect We see that you can add

This effect will only be visible on users’ birthdays. However, you will be able to remove the effect at any time by changing your profile photo.


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A Twitter rival platform dubbed “Barcelona” may also be coming soon

of Instagram “barcelonaIt has also been revealed that he is working on a new application called “. In the screenshot, it can be seen that Paluzzi has been invited to join this application. It will rival Twitter. It is stated that the new text-oriented social media platform may be the code name.

Recent news has shown that Instagram’s parent company, Meta, is working on a text-based social media platform to rival Twitter. It was also among the information that the new platform, which will be decentralized, can be accessed from Instagram. This sharing of Paluzzi also revealed that the new platform is near us.


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