Reply to Binance CEO’s Share That Created FUD, Coinbase CEO: Deleted the Post

Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao (CZ) targeted Coinbase and Grayscale. Referring to the confusion in the amount of Bitcoin (BTC) in the hands of the companies, the CEO deleted the post he shared minutes later.

Binance CEO CZ, this time speculating names of the last days coinbase and grayscale made statements about Sharing articles on companies that refer to Bitcoin rates, the CEO drew attention to conflicting data on assets. After this share of CZ, there was a slight decrease in the crypto markets.

From the post in question “For the health of the industry, you should no longer share such posts.” comments, “We’re not getting anywhere by burying our heads in the sand.”, CZ soon deleted his post.

As it turned out, the data in the post shared by CZ was wrong and Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong He had warned him about this and conveyed the correct data.

Soon a new one by CZ shipment shared and the following statements were included:

Brian Armstrong just told me that the numbers in the articles are wrong. The previous tweet has been deleted. Let’s work together to increase transparency in the industry.

Parallel to this statement, Armstrong himself twitter by sharing another post from his account “If you see FUD outside, remember, our finances are public. (we are a public company)” and shared the company’s public financial records.

According to this balance sheet data, contrary to what CZ claimed in his first post, Coinbase’s approximate 40 billion dollars worth 2 million Bitcoinsand the company’s financial situation at least looks healthier than the bad picture that was launched.

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