Renewed Volkswagen Polo prices have been announced!

Volkswagen’s classic car Volkswagen Polo, facelifted, giving the 2021 model a fresher look. Although there are not many differences in the technical features of the vehicle with this make-up, we see significant differences in the design details. Along with these differences, one of the things we wonder about is the prices. The facelifted Volkswagen Polo prices were announced abroad and innovations were introduced.

2022 Toyota Corolla Cross prices have been announced!

Toyota had deemed it worthy of renewing the popular SUV model in 2022. Sales prices for the 2022 Toyota Corolla Cross have finally been announced.

New Volkswagen Polo prices

Let’s repeat our warning; A refresh under the 2022 model name not done. Incoming changes are only a few in vehicles. component and design choice is changing. Therefore, we do not expect big differences between the current Polo prices and the new Polo prices. The vehicle is currently on sale only in the UK, although this list will expand in the future, we can only get the price information for sterling.

Volkswagen polo prices
Volkswagen Polo prices

The current order price of the vehicle in the UK £17,885 determined as . If you want to see a fuller content instead of this starter pack, you can at least save your pocket with upgrades. £20,785 it will be out. These prices are based on comfort. R-Line valid for. It is a little difficult to predict the prices of vehicles in foreign currency in Turkey. Because the constantly changing exchange rate, the share of dealers and most importantly taxes are the three factors that affect the price the most.

currently sold in our country 1.0L engine displacement The recommended starting price of the Polo with MPI engine is 216,200 TL. However, since the engine volume of this option is 1.0L, one of the lowest vehicle taxes can be deducted in our country. In other words, when you try to buy a Polo with a higher engine capacity, the tax of the vehicle will be higher.