Renault Clio’s twin: New Mitsubishi Colt introduced!

Mitsubishi Colt, which will be produced in the same factory as the Renault Clio, in Bursa, was introduced. Colt, which will be produced with a brand engineering agreement, carries the same genes as the Clio in many ways. So what features does the new Mitsubishi Colt offer to its users? Here are the details about the Mitsubishi Colt…

Brand engineered and 2 half-brothers: Colt and Clio!

Would you like to meet the half-brother of Clio, produced by the French Renault brand in Bursa Oyak Renault factory for a long time? Here is the Mitsubishi Colt. Manufactured in partnership with brand engineering, Mitsubishi Colt has in many ways the same DNA as the Clio. The cars are almost exactly the same.

If we need to start from the front, Mistubishi Colt has the tiger tooth LED daytime running lights, which are also included in the new Clio. Among the two vehicles whose front bumper structures are very similar, we should say that Colt has a slightly calmer louver design. In the middle of the Colt’s grille, there is a huge Mitsubishi logo.

New Renault Clio introduced in Turkey: Here is its design and features!

New Renault Clio introduced in Turkey: Here is its design and features!

The new Renault Clio was introduced in Turkey. Here is the price and features of the new Clio, which will be produced in Turkey…

If we watch the vehicle from the right and left side profiles, we can say that a Clio winks directly at us. The brand did not change the design on the right and left sides of the car. In other words, Clio doors can be installed on Colt, Colt doors on Clio. If we come to the back of the vehicle, there is a huge Mitsubishi lettering. The tradition of aligning the brand or model lettering, which has been trending recently, takes place in Colt directly from the factory. It also has a transparent taillight design like the Clio in Colt.

In the interior, there is almost no change. The console in the Clio is exactly the same as in the Colt model. The only difference from the Clio in the interior of the car is the huge logo on the steering wheel. Everything else is exactly the same.

New Mitsubishi Colt engine options!

The new Mitsubishi Colt will be offered with 3 different engine options. Of these, 1.0 turbo petrol and 1.0 atmospheric engines are exactly the same as Clio engines. The 1.0 TCE turbo petrol engine will produce 90 HP. The 1.0 atmospheric engine is suitable for urban use, just like the Clio. The car will produce 66 HP of power. In addition, a 1.6-liter hybrid unit will come with the Colt. This unit will produce 141 HP in total.

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