Remarkable Predictions About The Market From The Founder Who Says “Ethereum Will Overtake Bitcoin”!

Darryl Wang, founder of Tangent Ventures, cryptocurrency In a recent interview with analyst Miles Deutscher, he shared his views on various topics related to the cryptocurrency market.

“I Think Ethereum Has More Attractive Features for Younger Generations”

Darryl Wang, founder of Tangent Ventures, shared his views on various topics related to the crypto market in a recent interview with cryptocurrency analyst Miles Deutscher. According to Wang Ethereum (ETH), in terms of popularity as younger generations increasingly adopt cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin (BTC) it will pass.

“I think the thesis that Ethereum represents is much more compelling than Bitcoin,” Wang said.

Wang also stated that ETH bottomed out last year and most of the leverage in the cryptocurrency space has been cleared, but still believes the market is in a structural uptrend. He stressed the importance of protecting capital, saying that survival is the most important thing and that investors should exit at the first sign of trouble.

When it comes to macro conditions, Wang told investors to be mindful of the Fed’s actions. According to Wang, the Fed is the most important institution directing current flows. Wang highlighted the impact of regulatory pressures on the market, but believes that crypto will still survive as technology will always beat regulation.

Wang believes that the L2/ZK space is extremely competitive and that ZK giants will eventually take control. He also thinks that a decentralized stablecoin is still the biggest untapped opportunity in the market, but he sees promising developments from projects like Frax.

*Not investment advice.

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