Remarkable Development in 5.5 Trillion Burning Meme Coin!

The development team behind Baby Doge Coin has announced the completion of the new burning portal for the meme coin, despite heavy burning activities. The BabyDoge team took to Twitter today to: the announcement made:

“Baby doge burn portal complete!”

Following the completion of the BabyDoge incineration portal, the team added that they will announce the launch date of the protocol soon.

“The launch date is coming soon. Keep watching us.”

In fact, the first announcement about the launch of a new incineration portal was made weeks ago. The meme coin project announced in a January 12 tweet that the burn portal will allow users to purchase BabyDoge tokens at a discounted price when they burn the coin through the protocol.

Going back a little further, in November 2022, the Baby Doge team asked the community to suggest ways to encourage users to burn meme coins. BabyDoge also suggested that it could reward users with NFTs for burning tokens via the protocol.

Latest Meme Coin Burns

We can say that the Baby Doge Coin team has contributed greatly to reducing the total BabyDoge supply through burning. Last July, the team conducted the largest token burn ever in the crypto industry, burning 50 quadrillion coins in a single transaction. The meme coin team has made significant progress towards reducing the total supply of BabyDoge from 420 quadrillion.

Last month, the BabyDoge community burned more than 4.7 trillion tokens in one day. Similarly, a total of 5.5 trillion BabyDoge tokens have been removed from circulation in the last 24 hours from the token supply. removed.

After this last burn event, the total number of tokens burned from the supply rose to 201,250,525,628,753,696 (201.25 quadrillion). Burn BabyDoge, a Twitter account that follows Baby Doge Coin burnings, shared the development today.

You can follow the current price action here.

Source : the crypto basic

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