Remarkable BTC Forecast From The Analyst Who Knows The Crash – Timeline Given

Bitcoin (BTC) Attracting the attention of the community with his accurate prediction of the May 2021 crash, the crypto strategist claimed that BTC will rise tremendously in the coming years.

Dave the Wave, 118,000 Twitter followers, based on the logarithmic growth curve (LGC) model, bitcoin pricecould potentially witness an increase of over 1100 percent in the next four years. told.

“Who can say that something like this won’t happen? The main idea in this chart is that the multi-year trendline crossing LGC acts as an *average* price.”

bitcoin price

Looking at the chart, according to the crypto strategist bitcoin price It will face a rally where it could rally to $260,000 by 2026.

Besides the May 2021 crash of Dave the Wave; In a prediction he made in April of this year, when Bitcoin was trading at around $43,000, he predicted that the capitulation of BTC would bring the price to roughly $25,000. The crypto strategist stated that he uses the LGC model in both cases.

Dave the Wave highlights that the LGC model has accurately predicted the highs and lows of BTC since 2018.

“Unsurprisingly, when these models became available in 2018, [tuhaf oldukları] was thought. That price has been tracking the height and depth of these curves for a number of years, which has made them less surprising… although for some this is something that is not very reliable.”

Analyst, bitcoin price As for his short-term forecast for BTC, he said it is poised to hit its $25,000 target:

“Bitcoin has entered long-term buy territory for investors. short term technical analysis [her zaman daha spekülatif] – the target is $25,000.”

You can check the price movements here.

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