Regulation Drawing Attention to Food Labels from the Ministry

The Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry has opened a regulation that it plans to make on food labels. The regulation being worked on requires changes in some parts of the food packages. The work to be done will make the life of the citizens easier.

A new regulation has emerged that the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry is working on. According to the news on NTV, the ministry will labels on food products will reset. With the studies to be done, misleading images and expressions on the labels of food products prevent is intended.

The regulation, which the Ministry has been working on and has opened for public view, seems to make life easier for citizens when it comes into force. Because with this regulation, the “Contents” section written on a food package is no longer 2.5 times larger. In this way, everyone will be able to see what is in a food they are considering buying. Also “Contains sweetener” or “with sweetenerPhrases such as ” will now be written much larger.

The draft regulation of the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry is as follows:

The name of the food and the ingredients information may depend on the size of the package according to the current regulation. It will be written 2.5 times larger.

The area where the brand is written on the largest surface of a package.Basic Field of Viewdetermined as ”. The name of the food will also be required to be written in the basic field of view.

In foods that are similar to each other and can be confused with similar foods by consumers No misleading images, names or expressions will be used..

may be confused by consumers in similar foods the name of the food; Where the brand is mentioned on the label, it will be written in the same font size as the brand of the food, right next to or below the brand of the food.

Instead of fruit or vegetables in its production, only used in flavoring there will be no image related to flavoring on the label of a food. The name of the food is flavored “…. using the phrase “Flavored” and wherever the name of the food is mentioned. at least 3mm will be located.

In similar foods that can be confused by consumers, using the name of a food that does not have the characteristics, “….taste”, “…taste”, …delight, etc. expressions unavailable.

If the image of a food ingredient is on the label or product name wherever there is an image or next to or below the product name, with the amount of that component at least 3 mm.

In foods containing sweetenersContains sweetener” or “with sweetenerThe phrase ” will be placed next to or below the name of the food at least 3 mm in the basic field of view.


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