Reddit NFTs Set Record: All-Time High in Daily Demand

Daily demand for avatar NFTs from social media platform Reddit has reached an all-time high, according to recent data.

Social media platform based on data provided by Dune Analytics reddit on a daily basis NFT Mining counts broke all-time records. polygon (MATIC) encompassing a set of NFTs based on the blockchain Collectible AvatarsSaturday over 255,000 reached a unique number of mints and attracted intense attention. This collection of Reddit was last published in August. 200,000 daily mints with a record.

Collectible avatars are available in Vault, Reddit’s own crypto wallet, which allows users to earn blockchain-based community points and spend them on in-app features like badges. With these avatars, users points, their status and their visibility is increasing.

Last Saturday, when the record-breaking transaction took place, The Singularity 98k of NFT avatars, Aww Friendsfrom 57 thousand units, Breast team39 thousand pieces from reddit Cup 2022from 34 thousand units and Drip squad 28 thousand of NFT avatars were minted.

As of the time of writing, the total 4.4 million avatars holding in hand Over 3.7 million Reddit users exists.

In July, the company announced that while users do not need an existing crypto wallet to purchase avatars, they can use their credit or debit cards to purchase them.

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