Reddit is increasing its competition with TikTok!

Tiktokhas managed to inspire many applications with its short video format. The currents that surround the four corners of the world are followed by almost everyone from seventy to seventy. Instagram RealsAlthough , is the most mentioned name after TikTok, right after it reddit also became a part of this popular movement.

Company, 2020 at the end of the year dubsmash bought the platform. Accordingly, he aimed to broaden the scope of his own practice and unite Dubsmash and its communities. Now, Reddit has announced that it will shut down Dubsmash in the near future. Here are the dates and details…

Reddit’s NFT project revealed in the job posting!

Announcing that it will step into the NFT sector, Reddit will establish its own platform. The company posted a job posting for it.

Reddit integrates video tools into the app

Reddit, which merged with Dubsmash in December 2020, has now decided to close the application and integrate video tools into its own application. Application, February 22, 2022 after date Google Play, App Store and will be removed from other app stores. After this date, Dubsmash will no longer work on the devices of those who have downloaded the application.

As the companies approach their first year of collaboration, Reddit announced that Dubsmash is ramping up its video offerings. He said that once video tools are integrated into Reddit, he thinks his own format will be unfamiliar to users of the other app.

With this step, Reddit seems to be planning to increase its competition with TikTok. However Snapchat and TikTokReddit may lag behind in this regard, as it offers add-ons such as sound and music within the application. It is not yet known whether it will take a step towards catching these trends in the future.

What are the new video tools and innovations?

Reddit has announced that it will be shutting down Dubsmash, along with several new video creation tools it has rolled out. These tools include new camera features, functions such as adjusting the video speed and a timer used when shooting video.

The app now offers the ability to upload videos in landscape and portrait mode and trim and edit multiple videos. Tags and various filters are also available. Also, on the editing screen, it will be possible to add audio over the video and adjust the volume.

What do you guys think about Reddit closing Dubsmash and making its platform a broader space? Can it compete with TikTok and Instagram Reels? Do not forget to share your ideas with us in the comments.

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