Reddit builds NFT platform: Here’s the first information!

social network Reddit, NFT platform set up his sleeves. Posting a job posting, the company announced that it is looking for a software engineer to work on the backend to develop its project. According to Reddit, which states that NFTs are mainly used to take ownership of artworks, this will change in the future.

Arguing that the market will grow even more over time, Reddit; so that users can support the creators and communities they love. NFTs will play an important role told. In this context, he announced that they have decided to invest in the sector.

Radical decision from Steam: Cryptocurrency and NFT are banned

Steam has updated its Rules and Guidelines page. It banned cryptocurrency trading and games that host NFT.

Reddit will let people create NFTs

The software engineer involved in the new creation of Reddit will play an important role in the development process. On the platform, which is announced to consist of a large team, users will be able to use NFT-supported digital products. create, sell and buy they will have the opportunity.

Reddit, who wants at least 5 years of Backend Developer experience, “We need people who can keep the balance between speed and quality while developing products” added the note. This statement revealed the weight of the company to the project. There are no further details regarding Reddit’s NFT platform yet. Its name and which Blockchain protocol it will come out with remains unclear.


Reddit can write its own Blockchain protocol for the NFT platform and create cryptocurrencies, as well as use Ethereum. For example, if he prefers ERC, the project will be based on Ethereum. Although not finalized, Reddit’s will develop its own technology is estimated.

NFT trend is rising rapidly in Turkey

NFT craze is growing in our country as well as all over the world. Known for movies like GORA, AROG Cem Yilmaz, launched its own collection on the OpenSea platform. It turned out that he has earned more than 160 thousand TL of income so far. The famous comedian 17 thousand TL worth of his work He had given it to Refik Anadol as a gift.

On the other hand, the famous actress Nurgül Yeşilçay also prepared the NFT. ‘Pose’ series came up with. He is in the cast of the series directed and scripted by Yeşilçay himself. Kubilay Tuncer, Buse Celik and Efe Yesilcay names such as Known to consist of 7 parts in total, Poz will be released in November. Limited to 50 pieces will be on sale.

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