Red Notice Becomes Netflix’s Most Viewed Movie

Red Notice, which Netflix brought together three popular actors and released on November 5, is preparing to break a record, although it is not well liked by the critics. The movie is taking firm steps forward to become the most watched production of the platform.

Red Notice, one of the last productions of Netflix, managed to attract the attention of many people around the world, especially with its cast. Gal Gadot, Dwayne Johnson and Ryan Reynolds brought together, the film was released on November 5 and achieved great success in a short time. Although the movie did not receive high ratings from the audience, it is on its way to becoming the most watched movie of Netflix.

The most watched movie on Netflix remains Bird Box, which was released in 2018, starring Sandra Bullcok. On the other hand, Red Notice, which debuted about 3 weeks ago, is already on the platform. 277.9 million hours watched. Only if Red Notice passed Bird Box 4.12 million hours left. It is highly possible that this monitoring period will be completed in a short time.

Red Notice broke the record on its first day:

Red Notice also broke a record before it took firm steps towards becoming Netflix’s most watched movie. Ryan Reynolds shared the film on his Twitter account. Netflix’s most-watched movie in its first day had declared. The movie also holds the title of being Netflix’s most budgeted movie with a budget of $200 million.


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Although the movie was watched, it was not received positively:

Although Red Notice has been and continues to be watched by millions of viewers, both viewers and critics gave the film low ratings. The common point that many critics meet is that there is no logic in the story of the film and the only attraction was that they were famous lead actors. Red Notice on IMDb with 6.4 points while listed on Rotten Tomatoes With a 35% critic rating is listed.

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