Recycling move from Toyota for electric vehicles

Many companies, especially automobile and smartphone manufacturers, started to turn to recycling due to increasing ore costs and supply problems. Toyota, electric vehicle battery recycling pressed the button. Toyota has announced that they will partner with the battery recycling company led by Tesla’s co-founder.

Toyota to recycle electric vehicle battery

Totoya, which has made an agreement with the company called Redwood Materials, will renew old and worn electric vehicle batteries. Stating that the materials in the batteries that have lost their function will be broken down for the production of new batteries, the authorities want to create a full recycling process.

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Redwood Materials will begin the production of materials for the anodes and cathodes, which are the main components of battery cells. The company stated that their ultimate goal is a closed-loop supply chain for electric vehicles.

Toyota to recycle electric vehicle battery

Launching its first long-range electric vehicle, Toyota announced that its main targets are not new vehicles. Toyota and Redwood Materials will focus on electric vehicles that are over 20 years old and approaching the end of their useful life.

Making a statement on the subject, Redwood Materials said, “We will start work at the North American battery facility that Toyota announced recently. In February, we partnered with Ford and Volva to review end-of-life electric vehicles. We think that our recycling efforts will bear fruit in the medium term.” made statements.

Redwood Materials announced that it purchases approximately 6 GWh worth of batteries per year. Stating that they want to produce 100 GWh by 2025, the company will bring this value to the top with 500 GWh in 2030.

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