Record Number of Bitcoins in Avalanche Network: Outperforms Lightning Network!

The volume of Bitcoin (BTC) bridged or moved over the Avalanche (AVAX) network broke records, surpassing the Lightning Network.

Based on data provided by Dune Analytics Avalanche roaming on the network bridged Number of Bitcoins (BTC.b), Lightning Network Bitcoin locked on exceeded the number.

Looking at the latest data, Bitcoin volume on the Avalanche network 5,700 BTC(approximately $118 million) Introducing with high hopes made and “Bitcoin’s savior” The amount of locked Bitcoin found in the Lightning Network, which is launched as 4,929 BTC(approximately $100 million).

Ava Labs Director Morgan Krupetsky In a blog post he shared on the subject, he made the following statements:

A crucial milestone for the asset has been passed, with the total supply of Bitcoin in circulation on the Avalanche network exceeding 5,700 and surpassing the current capacity of the Lightning network in just a few months.

One of the most talked about and intriguing innovations of the last period is bridged Bitcoin. BTC.bin a way wrapped to Bitcoin (WBTC) a rival is a bridging protocol. WBTC, a tokenized version of Bitcoin, with Bitcoin’s bridging process Ethereum (ETH) transferred to the network.

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