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We regularly publish website, mobile application and game recommendations We introduce you to platforms and services that you may have overlooked. The list we have chosen from you includes some websites that may be useful to users. It should be noted that the list of recommended websites consists of 5 different services in total. Keep following ShiftDelete.Net for more!

Sites not to be missed

My Hourly Driver

My Hourly Driver, consisting of a team that has adopted a professional service approach, focused on customer satisfaction, the operations department and its founding partners have spent a long time in this sector; offers hourly, daily, weekly and monthly chauffeur services to users. In addition, there are additional services such as vehicle inspection, vehicle maintenance, 24/7 roadside assistance, replacement vehicle, taking and bringing your child to school.


Sctunes – Musicians’ social media

Sctunes serves to promote the performances of musicians who do not reach the level they deserve, either at home or on stage, through various digital music platforms and social media applications. With these performances, it contributes to both increasing their awareness and making money. It also provides financial and moral support to other musicians on the site, and allows them to socialize with people with similar musical tastes.



Now it’s easy to help stray animals! While walking on the street, you encountered an animal that needed help. However, if you’re too busy to help but too animal-friendly to ignore, you can check out the Helpimal app. All you have to do is take a photo of our little friend who needs help and upload it to the app!

The application instantly detects your location and makes a status notification from your location. In this way, your call for help reaches the authorities and animal lovers in the vicinity. Helpimal also helps you find your lost animals.

You can download the application from the App Store and Google Play Store.

kidologist, which was founded by Eray Uğurelli, based on the problems they experienced during and after the birth of their daughters, and which provides online expert support in 10 different categories that parents may need before/after pregnancy and their children’s cognitive, physical, socio-emotional development, is growing rapidly., which started broadcasting on February 15, currently provides services to hundreds of Turkish-speaking clients from 18 different countries such as the Turkic Republics, England, France and the Netherlands.


Radio Garden

Developed with the cooperation of the Netherlands Sound and Image Institute and five universities in Europe, Radio Garden provides non-profit radio services and carries out digital research. With this website, you can discover and listen to any radio station from anywhere in the world.


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