Recommendations to Extend iPhone Battery Life and Battery Duration

Nowadays, smartphones are an indispensable part of our lives. What about their most crucial point, battery life? Especially if you use an iPhone, this issue becomes even more important, right? Then, you should know some tactics to apply for iPhone charging and extending battery life.

If you need your phone charged to communicate more, get your work done, and browse social media channels, you will need to take some care of it. Only iPhone charging usage time There are methods to extend battery life as well.

Your phone continues to work until the next charge. battery lifeis the time period until your battery needs to be replaced. battery usage time If you want to go longer and get rid of one more expense, let us include you in our content. After reaching the end, we are sure that you will immediately start playing with your phone’s settings.

What to do to extend iPhone charge/battery life:

Use the most current version.

iphone latest version

New updates are constantly coming from Apple to help you optimize your device performance. Make sure these versions, which also affect your battery life, are up to date. iPhone version update You can follow these steps:

  • Enter the “Settings” section.
  • Select the “General” section.
  • Click on “Software Update”.
  • Plug your phone into charge while updating.

You can also update your iPhone wirelessly. For this:

  • Back up your phone using iCloud or a computer.
  • Plug your phone into charge and connect to the internet via Wi-Fi.
  • Enter the “Settings” section.
  • Select the “General” section.
  • Tap “Software Update”.
  • You may see more than one update option here. You can also decide which version it will be from this section. But the latest version will always make your job easier.

Optimize your settings.

iphone low power mode

One of the things you can do to avoid losing your battery is to play with your settings. With the settings you will optimize How to preserve battery lifecomes down to two simple points.

  • Open “Control Center” and pull down the “Brightness” setting.
  • Or select “General” from the “Settings” section, then select the “Auto Brightness” setting from the “Accessibility” and “Screen Amenities” sections.
  • To consume less energy from the cellular network, connect to the network by selecting “Settings” “Wi-Fi” section.
  • If you want longer battery life when your battery starts to run low, enable “Low Power Mode” from the “Battery” section in the “Settings” menu. This feature will notify you when your battery drops to 20 percent and then to 10 percent. As the brightness will decrease, system animations will also be minimized.

Set a background activity.

iphone battery life

While using another application, the battery consumed by the application remaining in the background, “Settings > Battery” As you can see in the section extend battery life You can also turn off the feature that allows applications to refresh in the background here. To enable this setting;

  • Select “Wi-Fi” or “Wi-Fi & Cellular Data” from “Settings > General > Background App Refresh”.
  • Additionally, you can select “Off” mode to disable the “Background App Refresh” feature.

Use Bluetooth only when you need it.

iphone bluetooth

To use your wireless headphones or some other accessories with your phone bluetooth feature “I’m glad to have you.” we say. However, you should keep a distance between yourself and it when you are not using it. The fact that it is always open to accept incoming data is one of the factors that causes your battery to drain. “Bluetooth” tab in the “Settings” section You can turn it off when not necessary with .

Optimize the mail application.

To prevent it from automatically receiving your emails manual You can activate the option or select the valid time interval for data retrieval.

  • You can take control of your e-mails by following the steps “Settings > Passwords and Accounts > Get New Data”.

Be careful with location usage.

iphone location

Some of the applications on your device want to reach your location and therefore from your battery life They also eat. If your location is turned on and applications that use location are visible, you can directly turn off the location service or restrict the applications.

  • Go to the “Settings” section.
  • Select the “Privacy” section.
  • Tap “Location Services” and turn off the feature.

Edit the lock screen.

iphone usage recommendations

If notifications constantly appear on the home screen and lock screen, this means eating up your battery. For an economical charge You can also turn off some notifications. What you can do to prevent your screen from constantly being activated by incoming notifications:

  • Go to the “Settings” section.
  • Select an application from the “Notifications” section.
  • After coming to the relevant application, turn off “Allow Notifications”.

Autolock faster.

Locking your phone earlier will help you avoid draining your battery. Since constantly displaying something on the screen causes the battery level to decrease, go to the “Settings” section and tap the “Auto Lock” option from the “Screen and Brightness” section. 30 seconds to 5 minutes Conserve your charge by choosing a period of up to .

Use “Airplane Mode” on low signal.

iphone charging time

If you are in an area out of coverage, your phone will drain your battery to search for a stronger signal. In such cases, in order not to shorten battery life even further “Airplane Mode” You can enable it. For this, you can follow the “Control Center” and “Airplane Mode” steps.

However, you cannot make or receive calls in airplane mode. that no one can call you Don’t forget too.

Be careful when charging with a computer.

iphone battery life extension

If you connect your phone via a USB charging on computer If you do, make sure your computer is plugged in. If you charge your phone on a computer that is turned off, in sleep or standby mode, your phone’s battery may be discharged. Next thing you know, there is a charger that has never been charged.

Remove it after it is fully charged.

iphone charging time

If you haven’t used up your phone’s battery, you need a charge under normal conditions. last all day must. At night, you can leave your phone charging overnight to be ready for the new day. At this stage, you may think that it may be a problem to keep it charged after it is full, but this is not the case.

Charging iPhones after the battery is fully charged is stopped automatically. If the charge level drops below 95 percent, charging continues.

Also, from iPhone features “Improved Battery Charging” It also reduces the time your phone spends on full charge. In this way, it fully charges your phone before you use it.

Finally, if you want to apply all these and become good friends with your battery, after it is fully charged, to buy from receipt You should also be careful.

Pay attention to the ambient temperature.

iphone settings

Although iPhones are designed to perform well in a wide range of temperatures, you should of course pay attention to certain ranges. What is the temperature setting your phone likes? 16° – 22°C. In an environment above 35°C, do not use or charge your phone to avoid permanently reducing its battery life.

Do not avoid using the original charger.

iphone charger

Of course, in today’s world where everything is fake, many companies low quality iPhone chargers It is also available. When your original charger is broken, buy yourself a new original charger rather than turning to such charges.

Officially approved Apple chargers, It includes Lightning cables to charge your devices in the best possible way. Since many other original chargers do not have these, many components of your phone, including the battery, may be damaged.

Do not use dynamic backgrounds.

iphone dynamic background

Although Live and Dynamic Wallpapers are pleasing to the eye, they can be a battery killer themselves. Only fixed wallpapers You can make your charge last longer by using it.

Now it’s time to pick up your phone. “Yes, I was keeping this open unnecessarily.” Whatever you say, by playing with the settings of all of them Make your charge last longer you can provide.

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