Recklinghausen: Will Celine Nadolny be the new “Miss Germany”? | Regional

Recklinghausen – What she touches becomes money!

Celine Nadolny (24) reaches for the crown in the current “Miss Germany” relay. Professionally, as a financial blogger (with 53,000 followers on Instagram with bookoffinance), she is already clearing things: for this she has just been awarded the Red Fox Award as Expert of the Year.

The student from Recklinghausen is on her way to becoming a self-made millionaire – at just 24 years of age …

BILD reveals her secret of her financial success: Save iron, donate generously!

Celine to BILD: “My savings rate is over 50 percent. You have to pay attention to every penny on the way to financial freedom. Compare providers regularly, distinguish between unnecessary and important expenses. You get rich from what you don’t spend. “

The rule that she never breaks: “Only buy what you can afford twice in cash.”

There is only one matter close to the heart that the financial genius doesn’t look at every penny: “I donate at least ten percent of my income. Giving without expecting anything in return is an obligation for me. “

But Celine treats herself to one luxury: she has just ordered a BMW Z4 convertible.

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