Rechargeable Toyota C-HR to be Produced in Turkey for the First Time

There has been an important development regarding Toyota’s factory in Sakarya. It has been announced that a battery production unit will be established at the factory. In addition, the plug-in, that is, externally rechargeable, second generation C-HR will also be produced in this factory.

In a news we shared with you last week, ToyotaSince production will stop at the factory of . we talked about. The same factory is the subject of a different and beautiful development today.

In the statement made by Toyota Automotive Industry Turkey, it is one of the popular models of Toyota. Second generation of C-HR assessments have been made. Explaining that this car will be plug-in, that is, rechargeable, the authorities said that this important task will be carried out by the factory in Sakarya. has been undertaken they expressed.

What will the ‘plugged in’ C-HR be like?

To date, Toyota has not preferred a plug-in system in its hybrid cars. In the hybrid models produced to date, the electric motor and the internal combustion engine are used together. when the brake is pressed allowed to charge the battery. The plug-in hybrid system actually has the same technology. However, it is also possible to connect the vehicle to the plug to charge the battery externally. In this way, the battery will be filled before departure. In the previous generation C-HR, the car had to be started to charge the battery.

Toyota will manufacture batteries in Sakarya for the first time in Europe

Toyota CH-R

*Possible design of the second generation C-HR.

Toyota’s Sakarya factory will not be talked about only with the second generation C-HR. to this factory, battery manufacturing unit will also be added. At the factory, which is planned to produce 75 thousand batteries per year, 60 more specialized in this field will be recruited. Let me state that this is an important development. Because Toyota, with this move It will be the first battery production in Europe.


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Toyota’s investment in Turkey reached 2.3 billion euros

For Toyota, second generation plug-in C-HR 317 million euros announced its investment. Thus, the total investment of the Japanese automobile company in Turkey will reach 2.3 billion euros. Making evaluations on the subject, Erdogan Şahin, General Manager and CEO of Toyota Automotive Industry Turkey, said:This project is Toyota’s a global power part of It confirms once again that our production facility in Sakarya is one of the most important global actors.” said.



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Meanwhile; Toyota Automotive Industry Turkey in 2022 It produced 220 thousand cars. These cars consisted of Corolla and C-HR. More than 185 thousand of the cars produced were sent to Toyota’s suppliers in more than 150 countries. Toyota Automotive Industry Turkey has produced 3 million automobiles to date, up to 85 percent He said he exported it abroad.

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