Recep İvedik 7 Doubles the Number of Disney+ Visitors

Recep İvedik, who joined Disney+ with his seventh film, doubled the number of visitors to the platform.

Arrived in Turkey in June 2022 Disney+It quickly gained great popularity. While the number of unique visitors of the platform continues to be relatively stable, a report came today showing that this stability has deteriorated dramatically with a single production.

According to the report shared by Gemius Audience, Recep İvedik’s arrival at Disney+ almost doubled the number of visitors to the platform. Platform, November 2022 – December 2022 5.6 million new visitors won.

The picture showing the effect of Recep İvedik on Disney+: The number of visitors to Disney+ has almost doubled!

First of all, let us state that the above data is not the number of Disney+ subscribers. As the warning just below the table indicates, this table shows the number of Disney+ visitors. Disney+, which started its service in Turkey about 7 months ago, had a visitor number of 6-7 million in the first 6-month period, while this number increased with the publication of Recep İvedik 7. to 11.6 million has reached. Of course, this incredible leap does not mean that all of these 5.6 million new visitors are subscribed.


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