Reasons Finland Is One of the Most Livable Countries

Some countries of the world make everyone say ‘I wish I could live there’ both with the social rights they recognize and with its natural structure, and Finland is one of those countries.

As you know, all over the world popularity of northern countries has increased. The most livable countries in the world, especially with their natural beauties, social life, quality of education and welfare level, generally come from the north.

Finland is one of those countries and lush forests Everyone who loves this beautiful country at least wants to go and see it one day. So what makes Finland so visible and livable?

Reasons why Finland is the most livable country:

68% of Finland is covered with lush forests

According to Global Forest Watch, Finland’s about 68% covered with forests. For comparison, the same rate is 11% in Turkey according to the same source.

There are 187,888 lakes in total in the country.

There are 187,888 lakes larger than 500 square meters in Finland. Although most of these lakes are relatively ‘small’ lakes, 309 lakes larger than 10 square kilometers available.

People in Finland live a quiet life away from competition and chaos; People spend a lot of time outside.

This is exactly how it was stated in the Helsinki Times. A quiet lifestyle, no competition, at peace with himself and a collaborative public… In the same source, it is also stated that people in Finland do not have much anxiety about the outside world and live a stress-free life…

Finland has one of the lowest crime rates

In the Nordic countries, crime rates are generally low and Finland is also in this regard. one of the most reliable countries. The crime rate is around 1.15%.

In Finland, parents have many rights, such as free public transport and essential packages for babies.

After the baby is born, both parents are given maternity leave. Maternity leave is officially 4 and a half months. On the other hand, the maternity leave that fathers can use until their children are two years old is 2.2 months. Also h6 months in total for both parents there is one more permission and any parent can use it.


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The country is also one of the most advanced in recycling.

Recycling systems in Finland are well developed and encouraging many systems are used.

Finland was the first country in Europe where women gained the right to vote.

The history of women’s right to vote and to be elected does not even go back 100 years in many countries. Finland is the first country in Europe to implement it. While many European countries put this decision into practice after the 1930s,In Finland, women gained the right to vote in 1907.


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It is also possible to watch the northern lights, one of the most impressive landscapes in the world, in the country.

In addition to all its natural beauties and social conditions, Finland also enchanting northern lights one of the countries where…


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The country is also considered among the best in the world for its education system.

Finland is one of the countries that the world takes as an example in terms of education. The Finnish education system, which was developed with decisive steps taken years ago, Europe’s fairest and most successful education system displayed as.


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As a result, not surprisingly, Finland is named the happiest country in the world in many surveys.

As a result of the surveys and researches carried out, Finland generally ranks first among the most loved countries in the world.

Let’s add as a footnote that Finland’s population is approximately 5.5 million and its surface area is approximately 340 thousand kilometers. In other words, in a country about half the size of Turkey, almost as many people live as the population of Izmir…


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