Reading and Math: School Closures Made Our Children Dumb! – Domestic policy

Now it is official what the education politicians have done with their school closings !!

Hamburg was the first federal state to survey how the Corana measures affected the learning and performance level of children.

▶ ︎ Result of the study with more than 15,000 participants: The first lockdown led to “low backlogs”, the second (spring 2021) had bitter consequences.

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▶ ︎ This time, Hamburg’s third graders show “significant learning deficits” compared to previous years. This applies “especially in the area of ​​reading and mathematics for pupils from educationally disadvantaged families”.

The proportion of students with learning difficulties rose by 11.1 percent for reading, and by 13.6 percent for schools in socially disadvantaged areas.

In maths, the proportion of students with learning difficulties rose by 8.7 and 11.2 percent, respectively.

Hamburg’s school senator Ties Rabe: “Distance learning was and is not a substitute for school lessons, and the school closings have led to significant learning delays, especially for children from socially disadvantaged districts.”

Rabe emphasizes that other studies and findings confirm the trend demonstrated in Hamburg: While the first lockdown with school closings from March to May 2020 was still relatively light, the school closings from December 2020 to March and May 2021 have clear traces in the development left behind by children and young people.

“It will be a difficult task to make up for this learning gap”, so raven.