Reactions to the Netflix Series Şahmaran

Sahmaran, the new domestic series of Netflix starring Serenay Sarıkaya, was released, and the audience shared their views on Twitter. The IMDb score of the series has also been announced.

Netflix’s first domestic series in 2023 Basiliskstarted broadcasting with all 8 episodes on January 20. Combining romance, drama and mystery elements with fantastic elements, the series centers on perhaps one of the most popular stories of mythology, and the events are handled in a modern way on the axis of this story.

Burak Deniz (Maran) and Mer Ramazan Demir also play roles in the series in which Serenay Sarıkaya plays the character of Şahsu. In addition, Şahmaran’s directorship is on TV. they are silent and in digital Unfinished Love Umut Turagay, who made a name for himself with his TV series, and his screenplay is again silent, Ezel and Miracle Doctor Pınar Bulut, known for her projects, is doing it.

Şahmaran got a score of 5.4 out of 10 on its first day, according to the audience ratings on IMDb:

Here are some of the views shared on Twitter about the series:

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