Reactions to the History of Registration of Dog Breeds

The Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry announced that ‘dangerous dog breeds’ should be registered by 14 January 2022. Many animal lovers also reacted on social media and demanded that the date be postponed.

Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry last month, ‘endangered dog breeds published a new circular on the subject and announced that new species were added to the list. Within the scope of this law; American Pitbull Terrier, Dogo Argentino, Fila Brasilero, Japanese Tosa, American Staffordshire Terrier and American Bully dog ​​breeds have been designated as dangerous and these animals to 14 January 2022 should be registered and sterilized until Otherwise, it was stated that administrative sanctions would be applied.

In the statements made by the ministry yesterday, within the scope of the law, 20 thousand 843 dogs It was announced that it was recorded by applying a microchip. Stating that unregistered and off-leash animals cannot be brought into the areas where people are concentrated, the ministry stated that 14 thousand TL will be fined for those who act contrary to it. Many people from all over Turkey, including famous names, reacted to the law and the January 14 date and tried to make their voices heard on social media.

Intensification of ‘dangerous race’ rhetoric causes unfortunate events

We would like to point out that after the agenda about the law and animals, some sad situations occurred. As an example of one of these, the dog of a 16-year-old boy with autism in Üsküdar, murder with a gun by an unidentified person we can give. In fact, this person’s Boxer dog is considered a ‘dangerous breed’ by the ministry.Pitbull’ breed dog crate and therefore killed specified. This situation revealed how the agenda created by the concept of ‘dangerous race’ can lead to results.

In addition, after these increased discourses recently, there has been an increase in the rate of abandonment of dogs, which are considered to be a ‘dangerous breed’, on the streets. In addition, it is a big question mark under what conditions these stray animals will live. Animal lovers state that the decision and the explanations also increase the number of dogs left to die in forest areas.

‘Extend 14 January’

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