Reactions to Apple’s New iPhone 13 Series

Apple introduced the new smartphone series iPhone 13 at its event today. The new series was discussed in our country especially with its price and design. We have compiled the reactions from social media for you. Let’s see what people think about the new series.

Today, we left behind another event that takes place once a year and we met with the new iPhone 13 series. Introducing a new model every year since 2007, Apple has decided to include the much-discussed ’13’ number in its new series, on the grounds that it is considered unlucky this year. of course new iPhone 13 series As always, we first encountered a big wall: price.

The lowest model of the new iPhone 13 series will be sold with prices starting from 11 thousand TL. On the other hand, the highest feature phone of the series will have a price tag of 22,999 TL. This was, of course, on the agenda of social media again, as always. The first target of many users who saw the new iPhone series on social media was prices. Of course, the iPhone 13 wasn’t just dealt with by its prices, either. Let’s take a look at the reactions to Apple’s new smartphone series.

Its design and price were the main topics:


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