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Leipzig stars wear it now |

What the smart ring really does for 350 euros

No bling-bling, but high-tech! The Leipzig stars and trainer Marco Rose (46) have all been wearing a black ring for a few days!

According to BILD information, this is a “smart ring” (cost: around 350 euros) – a movement and sleep ring that measures data such as sleep, stress, temperature, breathing and heart rate. In addition, the oxygen saturation to determine breathing disorders.

Advantage over a fitness bracelet: A ring is easier to wear, especially when you are asleep. In addition, the finger is the ideal place for collecting accurate heart rate data because the measurement is more sensitive to movement and more accurate.

Not only the players, but also coach Marco Rose uses the ring to record data such as sleep, stress and heart rate

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All information is collected in a special app, which the players themselves and Peter Schneider (Mental Performance Coach) have access to. Schneider takes care of the topic of mindfulness and regeneration with regard to sleep and relaxation, i.e. not the classic regeneration of the stars in the cold pool or with the fascia roller.

Also important: The ring is voluntary, the data is not used for monitoring. Instead, it’s about realizing the full potential of the players. Internally, sleep is seen as an area with a lot of potential, especially in times of heavy gaming, travel stress and irregular sleep patterns. Most recently, RB played 13 games in six weeks due to the triple load.

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The club has been innovative for many years. In the morning before training, the ck value is still measured by taking blood and to check muscle fatigue. And now the stars are also offered breathing exercises.

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