Rapidly Increasing Satellites Could Affect Our Search for Aliens

Scientists expressed their concerns about the rapidly increasing number of satellites in orbit. Accordingly, by 2030, hundreds of thousands of satellites may occupy the sky, and this may seriously affect astronomers’ observations.

Although space exploration continues at a rapid pace, there is a big problem that comes with these studies: Space debris. We give this name to objects in orbit that no longer serve a useful function. The number of these objects, which pose a great danger in many respects, is increasing day by day. So much so that the data reveals that the number of objects larger than 1 cm is around 670 thousand.

Now, experts have announced that these wastes and active satellites can prevent future universe research. Accordingly, by the end of 2030 the sky will be teeming with satellites and allowing astronomers to observe; even a possible may interfere with the search for alien life.

By 2030 the sky will be swarming with satellites and the number of stars we see will drop dramatically.”

First of all, it’s in orbit around the world right now. 8,000 satellites Let me tell you it’s back. That’s four times more than in 2019. This number is expected to increase significantly in the future. In the incoming information 400,000 satellites SpaceX alone is reportedly preparing to launch 44,000 satellites for the Starlink service.

This is why the concerns of experts are increasing rapidly. Astronomers are already finding it difficult to cope with the light pollution caused by satellites. hinder the work of optical telescopes says. In addition, there are those who state that satellites that lose their function may turn into fireballs and cause great damage to observations due to the light generated.


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Tony Tyson, professor of physics and astronomy at the University of California, says:When you go to a dark place in 2030 and look at the sky, you may encounter a very frightening scene. The sky is probably moving it will be swarming with satellites and the number of stars we see will drop drastically. This is a very important issue.”

A sky filled with hundreds of thousands of satellites can make it difficult to detect possible signals from other civilizations.

Some agencies, including the UK Space Agency, held a conference last week due to the gravity of the situation. Robert Massey, director of the Royal Astronomical Society, will also be in orbit in the coming years. that we can see hundreds of thousands of satellitesit is possible that this may come from other civilizations. may make it difficult to detect signals. says.

Massey also noted that this is also a cultural issue, that satellites to our natural landscape He adds that it will do harm. On the other hand, he will begin his 10-year research in Chile in July to observe billions of stars and galaxies. Vera Rubin’s It is also stated that the examinations of the telescope will be seriously affected by objects in space.


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In short, experts are concerned about the problems that the satellites we send will create for both our environmental and space explorations. controlled behavior insists that it is necessary.

Solutions are offered, such as making the design of the satellites not obstructing observations, removing them from the field of view of optical telescopes or removing inactive satellites from orbit. Of course, considering that there are already thousands of objects in space, we do not know how to prevent this situation.

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