Raoul Pal Shares 2023 Visions for Bitcoin and Ethereum!

Raoul Pal, CEO of Real Vision, said that the year 2023 will be risky assets and cryptocurrencyHe said he believes it will be a positive year for the

Participating in a new interview on the Overpriced JPEGs YouTube channel, Pal stated that he believes Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) will rise in 2023, but there will be some disruption and unpredictability due to the Federal Reserve’s policy changes.

Pal said he also takes into account how past market cycles have responded to signals from the Fed.

“This time I’m drawing the frame like this. The Federal Reserve last stopped raising interest rates in 2018. I guess they didn’t cut the interest rates until August 2019. As soon as the Fed stopped raising interest rates, an upward movement began in the markets. They fell about 30% and then rebounded, so it’s not that different from now.

Raoul Pal Didn’t Neglect Comparisons With Other Indices

Let’s look at next year, S&P gained about 10%, Nasdaq about 14%, tech stocks about 18%, so it was good. Bitcoin showed a 100% increase, and this was after a 400% increase.

Therefore, I expect 2023 to be a positive year. However, I cannot say that we will go directly to the top, and there will not be a year in which we will sink immediately. We will survive and try to make some money”.

Pal also commented on the macroeconomic environment. We are in the middle of “an ordinary recession,” according to the macro guru.

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“I think what we’re going through here is a very ordinary recession caused by the Federal Reserve raising interest rates and prices going up too fast, which means people can’t buy much because your wages don’t go up that much and so everything slows down.”

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