Raid on South Korean Giant Crypto Exchange Office: Alleged Manipulation on Two Tokens!

As part of the investigation of price manipulation in the cryptocurrency market carried out by South Korean prosecutors, the office of the cryptocurrency exchange Bithumb, which has recently issued an arrest warrant for the executive, was raided.

According to a report published by a local agency on January 26, South Korean officials said that the two tokens traded on the local exchange to price manipulation conducted for a investigation raided Bithumb’s office. According to the information received, the authorities are on the cryptocurrency exchange. search operation conducted.

The nature of the investigation and which tokens knowledge of his out of reach One of the prosecutor’s officials said in a statement that the investigation a general inquiry and that Bithumb has nothing to do with this event. that you don’t care stated. The Prosecutor’s Office also has other crypto exchanges listing the tokens in question. plans to raid was also included in the information conveyed.

On the other hand, the tokens subject to the investigation GoMoney2 (GOM2) and Pixel Coin Among the claims made by some sources that even though it takes place from the authorities official a explanation did not come. Bithumb’s GOM2 when listing Pixel Coin if before never listed is stated.

South Korean officials alleged that he was Bithumb’s secret Board Chairman at the time. Kang Jong Hyeon about had issued an arrest warrant. Hyeon, by the authorities market manipulation and embezzlement He was accused of such crimes.

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