Radical Decision From Popular US Crypto Exchange Gemini: Earn Ends Program

Cryptocurrency exchange Gemini, founded by the Winklevoss brothers, has escalated its dispute with crypto lending platform Genesis by ending its “Earn” program.

Gemini January 10 In the notification e-mail he sent to his customers on Earn program terminated and of Genesis all pending entities in the program return to do stated that it should. Genesis is an ongoing process between the parties. productive to dialogue Although Gemini public campaign due to its execution dream disappointed He said he had come by.

Although Gemini terminated the agreement unilaterally, available use your demands not affected endorsement of Genesis when explaining what you expect stated.

On the other hand, a Genesis spokesperson In a statement, it said in full reference to Gemini’s statements. did not attend between the parties productive and progressive a dialogue while Gemini from the public It’s pretty hard for him to make such a move to garner support. sad said that.

Gemini recently launched a joint venture with Genesis due to financial difficulties. Earn program money Do not Pull to transactions had closed. According to the company’s claims, Genesis offers Gemini customers. 900 million dollar debt, and Gemini will clear that debt as soon as possible. to be paid request doing.

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