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Palace insider on the Queen’s health

Is Queen Elizabeth Too Weak To Sit?

“The cancellation comes as a surprise. Everything was prepared on Saturday … “


Her comeback appearance is off – and concern for Queen Elizabeth II (95) is growing.

It would have been her first official appointment since hospitalization in October – but only hours before her appearance, the monarch had to cancel her participation in the “Remembrance Sunday” celebrations surprisingly. According to the palace because of back problems.

The service in London, which takes place every November in honor of fallen soldiers, is one of the most important dates in the royal calendar. The decision to stay at home will have been all the more difficult for the Queen.

In the last few weeks, the 95-year-old had to take it easy. She was reluctant to accept the bed rest to which the doctors ordered them – and had been looking forward to “Remembrance Sunday” for weeks. Your heart appointment.

Is the Queen’s rejection really just due to a back problem? Or is there more to it, for example that the monarch is even too weak to sit? Read with BILDplus what is fueling the new concerns about the queen and what a palace insider has to say about BILD about the situation.

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