Qualcomm SM6375 5G chip appeared!

The development of the gaming industry on mobile devices, cheap gaming made his will. In recent years, manufacturers have realized this demand and produced processors that balance performance without increasing the price. Prepared to be a new competitive player of this trend Qualcomm SM6375 5G The chip was revealed before it was announced.

iQOO Z5 Pro spotted in performance test!

The Z5 Pro model, which iQOO is preparing to showcase in the coming periods, appeared in the performance test.

What will Qualcomm offer with the SM6375 5G chip?

The SM6375, which is expected to be a medium new player, is also mentioned in the name. 5G supporttrending recently to the 5G stream in the middle segment also supports. In addition, we can understand how useful the hardware support provided by the chip can be for the players by looking at the technical specifications.

According to rumors, the features of the new chip will be as follows:

  • 8 cores, 4 performance (Gold) processor cores and 4 efficiency (Silver) processor cores
  • Frequency of 2.1GHz on performance cores and 1.8GHz on efficiency cores
  • 800MHz and 960MHz clock speeds on the GPU side
  • Screen refresh rate support up to 144Hz

If we look at the features in this chip, we see that there are surprises for the players. Having good performance and 144Hz display support will offer what we expect from a mid-segment device.

Qualcomm SM6375 5G
Qualcomm SM6375 5G

for the past year 5G-supported mid-segment chips we saw many more. Qualcomm’s new chip is said to be on the scene in 2022. Since these features will offer exactly what we are looking for from mid-segment devices, we are likely to hear its name frequently in the market.