Pump-Dump in This Token Found on Binance: First Made 70x Then Dropped 92 Percent

There was a pump-dump in a token only on the cryptocurrency exchanges Binance and Bitget. The token first experienced an increase of 6,800% and then a decrease of close to 92%.

Cloud service SONM’s native token SNM, with the rise that started on Saturday evening, approximately to 70 times reached. The absence of any significant development behind the rise to fall hard caused.

about before departure at $0.20 SNM progresses suddenly during the day. $13.86 experienced a rise. The token, which fell sharply after its short-term rise, was at the time of writing. from 1.2 dollars is being traded.

There has been no news for months on the site of the company that owns the cryptocurrency. There is no sharing or movement. Soon any progress or although the partnership was not disclosed the rise of cryptocurrency, many to speculate led to

While many investors think that this movement is a pump-dump movement, it is Claimed to be made by a company that made a loss from FTX. Why are Binance’s tokens like these? delist While there are many investors wondering whether this operation for “money laundering” It has also been suggested that this may have been done.

Cryptocurrency launched in 2017 Even the website and medium account have been around for a long time. he stood motionless. Among the crypto money exchanges, this token, which is only on Binance, except for Bitget, recently delisted Waiting.

44.4 million According to CoinGecko data, SNM 24 hour in the period 85.2% decrease lived.

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