PUBG New State vs. PUBG Mobile

PUBG New State, the first sequel game specific to PUBG, was presented to the players on November 11. We compared this new game, which adds a lot of features to the old mechanics, with PUBG Mobile.

PUBG Mobile is a game whose rights are banned in many countries. Tencent GamesA mobile battle royale game that has been sold to and has been played by everyone at least once. A new breath to PUBG is not Tencent this time, Krafton brings. As such, comparisons of the two games are inevitable.

These two games, which have similarities as well as differences, are games that PUBG lovers will play and continue to play. Both these games are worth playing where you will try to be the last person standing, find weapons and equipment in the jumped area, improve your equipment, and try to survive in the shrinking safe area. Although PUBG NA breath of fresh air with ew State Although it has come, this is not a development that will prevent the popularity of PUBG Mobile.

Troi vs Erangel

The maps of battle royale games are considered to be the most important elements of these games. A battle royale game that wants to be successful offers its players quite a lot of maps. comprehensive and detailed We can say that we have to give. In addition, the unique atmosphere, weapons and vehicles of each map are some of the details that will increase the game experience.

We can say that PUBG Mobile uses its maps as one of the advantages of being an old game. in PUBG Mobile 5 different maps in different sizes and themes exists. In New State, this number is 2. For now, one of the 2 maps in the game is the Erangel map, which we are familiar with from PUBG Mobile. However, Erangel appears a little differently in New State. Since PUBG New State is a game set in 2051, the city of Erangel is also included in the game in a futuristic way. These maps, which have a post-apocalyptic atmosphere, make the player feel the theme of a dark future quite nicely.

We can consider the Troi map as a good starting point for the PUBG New State game. Players have many different landscapes on this map, advanced gadgets and a post-apocalyptic future They can encounter many elements of In addition, Troi has electric vehicles that can be used by players, and drones, which are one of the biggest features of the game.

While all this is happening in New State, PUBG Mobile has 5 different maps, namely Erangel, Sanhok, Vikendi, Karakin and Miramar. There is also a warehouse for the Deathmatch mode in the game. However, PUBG Mobile comes to the game with the mods it brings from time to time. different maps at different times can also bring. We can say that the most popular of these modes is the Infection Mode, which brings zombies to the game.

These two games, which are not completely separate from each other, can actually be described as the continuation of each other. While PUBG Mobile can be described as a game that takes place almost today, PUBG New State players about what our world might look like in 2051. presents a dystopia.


pubg new state graphics

PUBG New State, of course, has much better graphics than PUBG Mobile, as it is a game developed with new generation technologies. The newest and most important technology that Krafton uses in PUBG New State is the global lighting technology that takes a mobile game far beyond. With huge graphical improvements You can also turn down the graphics settings if you’re playing the bundled New State on a phone with not so good technical specifications or if you want your battery life to last longer. In the game you can choose the frame rate from low to high. The graphics quality is maximized with the high option. If that’s how you want the game to look it’s all up to you and your phone.

Tools and equipment

pubg new state vehicle

One of the most noticeable developments in PUBG New State is the vehicles on the game’s maps. Futuristic cities now electric cars exists. We can see the battery levels of the vehicles in the vehicle, just as we can see the gasoline level beforehand. If your vehicle’s battery level is low, vehicle batteries You can use it in your vehicle. An older version of the same mechanic is found in PUBG Mobile, while New State vehicle and fuel adapted for the future.

Weapons are not very advanced in PUBG New State. Almost The same weapons as in PUBG Mobile New State, which you can use, avoids bringing the futuristic elements of the game into the eyes of the players by appearing in front of the player in a realistic way.

Which one should I play?

pubg new state pubg mobile comparison

Although New State is a brand new battle royale game, PUBG Mobile will still remain a preferable option. These two games, which take place in different times from each other, have their own mechanics, features and places. Although New State is a new game, PUBG Mobile is a game that continues to be developed. For this reason, nothing will get old in both games, on the contrary, both games will continue to receive updates.

While New State offers its players the developed cities of 2051, PUBG Mobile makes the real nature of PUBG accessible to its players. But New State’s developed with new technologies Considering that, we can say that its optimization is much better than PUBG Mobile. This is an indication that PUBG New State can reach more players.

New State with with many innovations and mechanics is coming. Those who do not want all this complexity can still continue to play PUBG Mobile.

Comparison result

pubg new state pubg mobile comparison

The comparison of PUBG New State and PUBG Mobile games has no winner. While PUBG Mobile is the most played mobile battle royale game in the world, PUBG New State brings a new breath to PUBG and the world of PUBG. For this reason, the two games are very similar to each other. These two games, which have weapons, Erangel city and much more, do not require players to choose between them. Whether you’re new to the battle royale genre or a seasoned PUBG player, New State offers a satisfying variety to all fans of the battle royale genre and players looking for a breath of fresh air. PUBG Mobile, on the other hand, continues to receive updates and bring innovations as the first conqueror of our hearts.

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