Psychological Tests Showing the Meaning of Behaviors

Man is a complex and difficult to understand creature. Therefore, experts apply some psychological tests to evaluate and make sense of human behavior. Even if it does not have definite results, let’s take a closer look at what psychological tests are used as a step in evaluating the human mind, what are their characteristics, what are the types of psychological tests.

Since its existence, humanity has tried to understand both itself and the environment it is in, and at the end of this effort, science has emerged. Psychology, which is the science that studies the human mind and behavior, has been working to understand people for hundreds of years. Within the scope of these studies some psychological tests used to evaluate human behavior there is. However, these tests are somewhat controversial.

In the light of the data obtained as a result of psychological tests, of course, some evaluations can be made about human behavior. But remember, man is a unique creature and therefore cannot be deciphered by a few simple tests. This is the point of contention. However, these tests can be a stepping stone for a basic evaluation. Bride what are psychological tests, what are their features, what are the types of psychological tests Let’s take a closer look.

What are psychological tests? Features and types:

What is a psychological test?

Scientists specialized in the field of psychology have done to evaluate human behavior and the human mind. oral or written tests It is called a psychological test. The purpose of psychological tests is not to classify people, but to try to make sense of their individual behaviors and thoughts that prevent them from being classified.

At this point, it is necessary to open a parenthesis and talk about the discussions on the subject. Psychological tests are fixed and the same test is applied to every person. But every person is unique and it is not correct to evaluate their behavior on a single test. Countless experts who think this way say that psychological tests are outdated work. However, today, evaluations are still made through psychological tests.

Features of psychological tests:

  • Reliability
  • Validity
  • Objectivity
  • Standardization

The four key features we have listed are essential features of a psychological test. psychological test, should give the same result no matter when it’s done and so it should be reliable. The psychological test should give results about which subject it was developed to evaluate, that is, it should be valid.

Evaluation and scoring of the psychological test, interpretation of the scoring and administration of the test It should be objective, free from prejudice. The place, material, time and environment of the psychological test should have predetermined standard rules.

Psychological tests performed by experts:

  • intelligence tests
  • personality tests
  • Ability tests
  • Speed ​​and power tests
  • emotional intelligence tests
  • neuropsychological tests
  • Individual and group tests
  • Trial and aim tests

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Intelligence tests:

To understand which students need special help The person who developed the first intelligence test was French Alfred Binet. In this test, he noticed that some students easily solved questions that were too difficult for normal students to solve. Thinking multidimensionally on the subject, Binet revealed that many different factors are effective during the intelligence assessment.

This intelligence test, created by Alfred Binet, was further developed and revealed as a result of studies conducted in the United States. Stanford – Binet test out. In time, intelligence tests became specialized and some scales used in tests and evaluations were found that were applied differently to different groups of people. Some of the most applied intelligence tests are as follows;

  • Wechsler Individual Achievement Test
  • Woodcock Johnson III Tests of Cognitive Disability
  • Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale
  • Stanford-Binet Intelligence Scale
  • Peabody Individual Achievement Test
  • Universal Nonverbal Intelligence
  • Differential Ability Scales

Personality tests:

Personality tests include human behaviors, emotions, environmental characteristics, attitudes and to assess clinical ailments It is a type of psychological test administered. Personality tests are generally used to measure a variable or compare two different variables.

Projective assessment is one of the most frequently applied personality tests. Thematic Perception Test and Rorschach Inkblot test It is among the most widely applied projective tests. In these tests, pictures are used to reveal the hidden feelings and underlying thoughts of the person and observe how they will react to certain stimuli.

Ability tests:

Each person has their own unique abilities and to reveal these abilities. aptitude tests are administered. The main purpose of aptitude tests is to reveal whether a person has a skill in a particular subject. The result of the administered test focuses on aptitude on a particular subject, not on a general aptitude. Management Acceptance Test, Graduate Record Exam, Scholastic Assessment Test are examples of aptitude tests.

Speed ​​and power tests:

Speed ​​and power tests are similar to skill tests, but the performance evaluation as a result of these tests, It is done according to the power of one’s skill against time. A person can easily demonstrate this skill over a wide period of time. However, when there is a time limit, the real power of the skill emerges and the evaluation is made on this performance.

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Emotional intelligence tests:

In recent years, we have known that emotional intelligence is at least as important a skill for a person as intelligence. Yes, emotional intelligence is a skill and can be developed. For this reason, emotional intelligence tests are performed on individuals and evaluated. Emotional intelligence, which shows a constant fluctuation and tendency to change, can be developed by taking it under control as a result of the evaluations of these tests.

Neuropsychological tests:

One of the most important factors affecting the human mind and behavior is the neurological structures in our brain. Alzheimer’s, brain damage, depression, anxiety, mood disorders In such cases, neuropsychological tests are applied to the person. The results of the test are evaluated on different factors such as memory, language use, executive function, dementia, visual function, auditory function.

Individual and group tests:

Individual and group tests are mostly the field of social psychology discipline. Generally groups and people in that group. is applied. The purpose of individual and group tests, such as the Purdue Professional Achievement Tests, the Fit Test, and the Wonderful Staff Test, is to evaluate individuals in a group one by one and then see how they fit together as a group.

Trial and aim tests:

Trial and purpose tests, as the name suggests, apply for a specific purpose. assessing whether people are eligible are tests. In these tests, the mental ability of the person is questioned. If this test is done in a recruitment process, there is only one correct answer to the questions. However, if it is done for a different purpose, the reasoning ability of more people is evaluated.

What psychologists do to evaluate the human mind and behavior What is a psychological test, what are its features, what are its types We answered the frequently asked questions and talked about the details you need to know about the subject. What we describe is for informational purposes only. You can get the most accurate and specific information about the subject from expert psychologists.

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