PS5 Becomes Sony’s Most Profitable Console Ever

Even though it has only been released for 3.5 years, PlayStation 5 has managed to become Sony’s most profitable console.

Sony by 2024 Business Segment Meeting event carried out. In the presentation made at this event, the company also shared the sales figures of PlayStation 5. According to these data, PS5 was released globally even though it was released three and a half years ago. 10 billion dollars exceeding It became the technology giant’s most profitable console with its profit.

Released in late 2020 PlayStation 5, It managed to achieve a turnover of $106 billion in global sales. Total operating profit (the remaining profit after deducting production, operating, obsolescence and amortization costs from turnover) exceeded 10 billion dollars. This made PS5 the most financially successful PlayStation.

More profitable than PS4

Sony’s previous most profitable console When we compare the numbers of PS4 and PS5 We see that the new console is much more advantageous for Sony. In fact, the company’s turnover from PS4 sales is 107 billion dollars, which is more than the PS5 turnover. However, when we look at the remaining profit, PS4 is only 9 billion dollars has brought.

Sony launches PlayStation 4 for about seven years kept it on the market. It did not go unnoticed that the PS5 performed better in half of this time. Considering that the release of PlayStation 5 coincided with the pandemic and how difficult it was to find a PS5 at that time, these numbers could have been much higher in the scenario where Sony had produced a large enough number of PS5s at the beginning of 2020.


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