PS Plus package not available in Turkey: Why is there no premium?

Announced in the past few months, the new PS Plus system has been put into use in our country today. When we see the rival of the system as Game Pass, the new system, which is extremely competitive and will cause PlayStation, was generally welcomed. However, there is a detail that users who examine the packages realize, that the Premium package is missing in Turkey. We explained why this package is available in most countries and not in Turkey.

Hundreds of PlayStation games for 460 TL! We looked at PS Plus!

The new PS Plus service, which PlayStation players have been eagerly waiting for, has finally been opened to subscriber purchase from our country.

Why is PS Plus Premium not available in our country?

Currently, there are three different packages available on the PlayStation Turkey website: Essential, Extra and Deluxe. When we visit the site in the USA, we see that there is a Premium package instead of the Deluxe package. This is because the Premium package has PS Now service that enables cloud gaming. When the new PS Plus is announced PS Now system to this Plus Premium package. will be integrated had been disclosed.

Since the PS Now service was never made available in our country, the Premium package could not be offered. Instead, Sony, in order not to charge the subscribers in Turkey for the service they did not provide. named deluxe created a new option. This option is available from the Premium package in other countries. at a more affordable price. The only difference is that the cloud gaming advantage, formerly known as PS Now, is missing.

If in the following months we will be sent to our country by Sony. cloud gaming investment If done, we can witness the evolution of this service to Premium. However, since there has been no step taken so far, the highest package seems to be Deluxe. The games in the package sold as Premium outside our country You can play with deluxe. Let’s add that although a few games cannot be played by subscribers in every country due to country restrictions, the promised number of games is still not missed.

Similar A situation is also happening on the Xbox front. Game Pass Ultimate subscribers abroad are included in their subscriptions. To cloud service While you can access this service in Turkey, this service is not available. If a cloud gaming investment comes from Xbox, Game Pass Ultimate may become more attractive.

Do you think the lack of Premium package in Turkey is an important deficiency?

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