Profile creation feature is coming for Google Messages

Google Messages has brought many features with its latest updates and in this way improves the usage experience. Finally, according to the sharing of a social media user, Google Messages is working on the Profile Creation feature. So, what will the innovation for Google Messages look like and how will it work? Let’s take a look at the details of the news together.

Google Messages will allow you to create your own profile

According to a screenshot shared by a Reddit user, Google Messages is working on a feature that will allow profiling. Not many details about profiling are clear, as it’s still in testing and fairly new.

In the image above, it seems that Google Messages will be located in the Settings section. Apart from this, there will also be options such as “Share Profile” to control the profile. Thanks to these features, a profile photo will be added and it will be controlled who can view it.

Sudden meeting at Google: Founders summoned to office against ChatGPT

Sudden meeting at Google: Founders summoned to office against ChatGPT

Google is increasing its measures against the ChatGPT chatbot. The new allegations showed that the Google founders were summoned to the office.

If the incoming message is answered in the profiles that are preferred as public, the other user will see the profile information. It is expected to rival WhatsApp, especially for Android devices, thanks to Profile for Google Messages. Because instant communication platform WhatsApp is very popular all over the world for profile creation and messaging.

On the other hand, Google Messages recently added end-to-end encryption for groups of up to 100 people. End-to-end encryption was previously only available to groups of up to 21 people.

What do you, our readers, think about this issue? Do you think Google Messages can rival WhatsApp or Telegram with its new feature? You can express your views in the Comments section.

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