Processor veteran Jim Keller signed with Samsung?

Samsung judging by the first test results Exynos 2200 will take place on one of the important fronts in the mobile processor competition with Samsung, which partnered with AMD for the graphics unit last year, is now getting into elbow contact with Jim Keller? The reason for this claim stems from a speech Keller made. Accordingly, the veteran name was organized by Samsung. SAFE Forum that is, he gave the keynote speech at the annual foundry forum.

AMD and Samsung can collaborate for 3nm processor!

Allegedly, AMD and Samsung can back to back in the production of 3nm processors. The number of people who want to work with the Korean manufacturer is increasing every day.

Will Jim Keller team up for the new Samsung Exynos processor?

The one who has written his name in gold letters in the history of the processor Jim Kellerbecame the pioneer of new technologies that marked the history of processors in every company he went to. It is one of the important tools of competition, especially on the AMD side and on the Intel side. Jim KellerIt was transferring.

In the last period Jim Kellerlaid the foundation for AMD’s Zen architecture, which has left its mark on recent years. Keller, who recently crossed paths with Intel, left his job in 2020 after a year of adventure. After this resignation, the veteran chip architect, who started working with a Canadian processor company working on artificial intelligence, allegedly now intends to return to the field with a large company.

This claim first appeared in the South Korean media. Organized by Samsung at the third foundry forum (SAFE)in Jim Keller gave the opening speech. In fact, the fact that Keller made this speech does not mean that the veteran chip architect agreed with Samsung.

However Ice UniverseHe included the possibility of this rapprochement in his Twitter post. ok but Jim Keller really Samsung Exynos processor Will it do the chip design for you? Although we do not know the answer to this question, it is necessary to remember what kind of work Keller did.

Jim Keller and his signature processors

Jim Keller is one of the important processor architects especially for AMD. Previously, Intel was a major breaking point in AMD competition. AMD Athlon64 processor Jim Keller and out of his team. causing a new break in both Apple and the world of mobile processors. A4 and A5 Keller’s signature is located under the processors. of AMD Zen architecture The doyen, who also laid the foundation, and lastly, Tesla’s artificial intelligence car processor also developed. Also first generation MacBook Air‘grandfather Jim Kellerhas a great contribution.

It is not yet clear whether this master name will go to Samsung. However Jim KellerIt is unlikely that ‘s will stay away from the competition of the processor world. Samsung‘Fame Jim Keller There is a possibility that the agreement with the company may change all the balances in the world of mobile processors. Keller, in particular, has recently Tesla, as well as at the Toronto-based processor initiative artificial intelligence made significant improvements. This too Samsung‘Fame apple and Qualcomm It can provide a significant advantage in processor competition with

What do you think Jim Keller, Samsung iwith a new Exynos processor Can it sit at the table to improve? We are waiting your comments.

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