Pringles opened a job posting for those who want to be vending machine attendants in the game

Pringles, Train Sim World 2 He opened an interesting job posting for his game. The snack giant said it’s looking for someone to act as a “Pringles vending machine attendant” in the simulation game. However, this person to be recruited is a non-player character (NPC) will be in the role.

Pringles is looking for a vending machine to work in the game

Pringles recruited the candidate selected for the job posting as part of the role. In Train Sim World 2 will turn it into an NPC. For this conversion payment of 24 thousand 500 dollars to do. The person accepted for the job will appear as a “Pringles vending machine attendant” in the game, which is available through Xbox Game Pass.

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According to the statement, the person applying for the ad is in the Train Sim World 2 universe. Pringles vending machines will be busy checking it out, but it doesn’t actually need to work for that. The character that will appear as an NPC will do this automatically. In other words, the applicant will continue to do their daily work while continuing to receive payment.

The winner of the interesting job posting, which started on June 20 and will end on July 6, will be chosen over social media. According to Pringles’ statement NPC in Train Sim World 2 Those who want to become one can apply by posting a creative video or photo on Pringles’ Instagram or Twitter account. The only requirement for the snack giant is to explain why you want to become an NPC in less than 50 words.

Pringles will randomly select 50 contenders for the nomination list. These 50 will be judged on their creativity, uniqueness, and explanations for why they are the best Pringles vending NPC.

In the statement he shared about the job posting, Pringles said, “You are now in a video game. Pringles vending machine stockist “We live in a world where you can get money as a person,” he said.

20 June – 6 July Let us state that this job posting, for which applications will be open between Pringles Turkey It is unclear whether such an attempt will be made.

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