Prince Andrew: Complaint served – This is how the royal now wants to escape justice – people

For years, the American Virginia Giuffre (38) has accused the Duke of York, better known as Prince Andrew (61), of having sexually abused her as a minor. On August 10, she officially filed a lawsuit.

The reaction of the Prince of Scandal? He fled to his mother, Queen Elizabeth II (95), in Scotland, holed up in her castle Balmoral.

Andrew moved to the estate of his mother, Queen Elizabeth II, last week. Does he want to hide from the judiciary there?Photo: WireImage

According to “Daily Mail” Giuffre’s complaint was served on Andrew in Windsor on August 27. There the number 9 of the British line of succession lives in the so-called Royal Lodge. A conference call hearing is scheduled for Monday.

Does this start a possible process? Andrew’s lawyers want to boycott the hearing anyway. Reason: The documents were not properly delivered.

Apparently, the prince did not take the application himself, but his security chief. According to the law, however, the accused must be personally present at the service. That is why Andrew is said to have recently traveled to Balmoral, as the castle is not his home address. It is not clear when he will leave Balmoral again. The Queen son has 21 days from the date of delivery to respond.

Already on August 26th, Giuffre’s lawyers are said to have waited at the gate of the Royal Lodge – without success. A day later, the security chief is said to have assured Giuffres team that they could hand over the documents to him and that he would pass them on to Andrew’s lawyers. Giuffre’s lawyers claim that their work was thus successfully completed.

Viriginia Giuffrre claims to have been sexually abused by Andrew 20 years ago

Virginia Giuffre claims she was sexually abused by Andrew 20 years agoPhoto: AP

“BBC” -Royal expert Nicholas Witchell knows Andrew’s tactic: “Just don’t answer at all.”

A US judge must personally approve the actual service of the statement of claim before further action can be taken.

Virginia Giuffre claims to be one of the victims of the convicted sex criminal Jeffrey Epstein († 66). In 2001, when she was 17 years old, she was “loaned” to Andrew by Epstein within the pedophile ring, according to her allegation.