Price Moves as Supports for Popular Meme Coin Increase

Popular meme coin SHIB has reclaimed the $0.0012 price zone after a sharp spike recently. The Shiba Inu (SHIB) looks set to recapture the $0.00002 price point after the interest surrounding the upcoming Shibarium update.

The asset has gained a reversal rally against the bears as it climbed above the $0.000012 zone so far. The meme coin, which traded at $0.00001180 earlier today, started the day on a promising move, climbing 3.7% to $0.00001226 in two hours before encountering stiff resistance. Despite the bears, SHIB is currently trading at $0.00001208 and it seems that it has managed to hold above the $0.000012 zone.

SHIB is looking to establish a comfortable position above the third critical resistance of $0.00001260 and breaking this resistance will be necessary for a move towards $0.000013.

Some investors and analysts remain confident in the asset’s momentum, accumulating trillions of coins in anticipation of a bull run. Davinci Jeremie, a prominent Bitcoin investor, recently got some SHIB from an indecisive investor. wanted.

Latest Meme Coin Developments

Clear information about Shibarium has not been shared yet, but many developments continue to occur on the SHIB side.

In a recent development, Bermuda, a privacy protocol, has announced its support for the Shiba Inu. This will give investors the opportunity to move SHIB tokens without having to disclose their personal wallet details. This will provide an extra layer of privacy for investors. The development in question was enthusiastically received by the meme coin community.

Besides, there has been some support from Travala recently. Accordingly, Travala announced that SHIB can be used for activities in Phú Quốc, Vietnam’s most popular water sports destination.

Also, Atomic Wallet recently announced that it will support Shibarium when it is released. This came shortly after Shytoshi Kusama announced on Thursday that the team plans to burn trillions of SHIBs with Shibarium.

You can follow the current price action here.

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