Pressure from YouTube to Discord music bot Rythm

YouTube is very popular rhythm judicial Discord music bot took up their swords for him. In fact, this is not YouTube’s first action in this regard. not long ago Groovy Discord bot YouTube, which forces it to go offline, is now also Rythm bot It puts a similar pressure on

Discord Nitro’s Turkey prices have been announced!

Discord announced the Turkey prices of its package, which includes the special options it offers in the application under the name of Nitro, on its blog page.

End of the road for popular Discord music bot Rythm

Discord, in particular, gave players an important opportunity for voice chat. However, one of the most important features of the program Discord bot service that appeals to more than 560 million users, among them rhythm most important Discord music bot between applications.

Rythm Discord botoffers users the opportunity to listen to music through YouTube videos. YouTube is popular To the Discord bot service given seven days. Accordingly, YouTube wants the bot service to end in a week.

The Discord Rythm service also took notice of YouTube’s warning and will end the service on September 15. According to the latest figures, Rythm has more than 20 million Discord server on board. Prior to Groovy now too Rythm bot service This edition of YouTube for Discord means losing an important feature.

Rythm was among the most popular Discord music bots

Despite all this negative news, it was also revealed that Discord and YouTube came together to establish an official connection. Accordingly, Discord has been testing for the social party feature for about a year. With this feature on Discord YouTube watch party will be able to create.

However, it’s unclear when Discord will roll out this feature. Again, this particular Discord music bots It is doubtful whether he will have the same creativity as of Discord music boots It is also predicted that without it, it will lose great power. In this sense, the company needs to be quick for YouTube integration.

Discord has also started to open to communities other than players, especially during the pandemic period. WhatsApp’s forcing users for personalized ads also caused a new audience to meet Discord. Especially some WhatsApp groups During this period, he started to establish a channel on Discord. Apart from voice chats, the opportunity to make video calls over the popular chat application is among the features offered to users with the pandemic.