Premiere at the Schauspielhaus in Cologne: Udo Lindenberg sings for the finale | Regional

Cologne – It was a final with goose bumps! The classic “Nathan the Wise” by Gotthold Ephraim Lessing (1729-81) ended with the rock sounds of Udo Lindenberg (75) “We move into peace” – and everyone sang along.

The lively premiere audience in Cologne’s Schauspielhaus applauded enthusiastically on Friday evening. What an emotional start into the new season! With this haunting appeal for peace, Artistic Director Stefan Bachmann (55) started as a director for the first time from a live audience after the Corona break. And the world-famous classic gave it the most suitable of all templates.

The dervish (Lena Kalisch) from the refrigerator should fix it

Photo: Tommy Hetzel

Because Nathan tries in history to peacefully unite the apparently irreconcilable religions of Christianity, Judaism and Islam. As a Jew, he raised a Christian girl who had been rescued from the flames in Jerusalem by a Knight Templar.

It’s about power, money, intrigue, faith and the struggle between religions. 800 years ago as it is today. Bachmann creates great pictures, just raising his pedagogical forefinger a little too often.

But the story with current political quotes from Merkel to AfD has it all and moves everyone. Up to Lindenberg, who roars from the tape to the finale: “We are sleeping giants and now we are getting up …”

BILD conclusion: Great actors, great story, large format like in the cinema. A real recommendation!