Precautionary measures are taken against sellers who increase their prices exorbitantly due to the earthquake.

yesterday morning KahramanmarasThe echoes of the earthquake, which affected 10 provinces including Hatay, Adana, Diyarbakır, Malatya and Şanlıurfa, continue. in affected areas search and rescue Although the work continues at full speed, unfortunately not everyone has been saved yet. As of now 2 thousand 921 dead And 15 thousand 834 woundedin the prices of products such as blankets needed after the disaster exorbitant It is stated that there are also sellers trying to take advantage of the situation by increasing the prices. According to the latest information, famous e-commerce platforms have started to take measures on the subject.

Hepsiburada warns: Those who make exorbitant price increases will be banned ‘indefinitely’

E-commerce platform Hepsiburada has started to take measures to prevent sellers who took advantage of the earthquake and increased prices exorbitantly. Accordingly, the company work partnersIn the notification he sent to his company, he announced that if such a situation occurs, the relevant seller’s account will be banned indefinitely.

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The following statements are included in the notification sent by Hepsiburada to the vendors operating within its body:

“While we are quickly healing the wounds of the earthquake disaster we experienced in our country, we kindly ask you, our business partners, not to make exorbitant price increases for the relevant product prices.

We would like to inform you that if it is detected, your store will be suspended indefinitely, together with the necessary actions and measures. Thank you for your sensitivity.”

Earthquake report: Number of dead, injured and destroyed buildings [Güncel]

Earthquake report: Number of dead, injured and destroyed buildings [Güncel]

We update and share the number of dead, injured and destroyed buildings announced as a result of the Southeast Anatolian earthquake.

  • death toll: 2 thousand 921
  • Number of injured: 15 thousand 834
  • Number of buildings destroyed: 6 thousand 217
  • Number of people rescued: 7 thousand 840
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YouTube video

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