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Europe’s largest semiconductor company STMicroelectronics (ST) has launched the third version of its IOTA-supported machine-to-machine communication software. In terms of institutional adoption, IOTA won the praise, not Bitcoin this time. The technology giant praised the altcoin project, which revealed the importance of technology in the crypto space.

This altcoin is an example of the success of Blockchain technology

IOTA continues to make gains in real-world use cases in the internet of things (IoT) industry. STMicroelectronics (ST) has released a new version of its software package that uses the IOTA network for embedded applications. ST is Europe’s largest semiconductor contract manufacturing and design company. The company said in a blog post that the software, called X-CUBE-IOTA1 3.0, integrates with other IOTA and ST technologies. It provides the latest iota.c middleware, uses the STSAFE secure element and the L2Sec protocol. Also, it supports Azure RTOS operating system.

Essentially, these features allow the application to take temperature and humidity values ​​from the sensors of the chips and send them to the IOTA network. Thus, the program simulates a product based on the IOTA ledger for machine-to-machine communication and more. The blog post highlights that the altcoin project is a natural choice to launch the unique application.

According to ST, IOTA Blockchain is highly efficient. It is also highly scalable. IOTA 1.5 states that Chrysalis navigates at thousands of transactions per second (TPS). ST adds that it has shown that an IOTA 2.0 GoShimmer prototype can reach 18,000 TPS. However, what drives IOTA’s X-CUBE-IOTA1 3.0 is the efficiency of IOTA 1.5’s payload. The new version of IOTA allows transactions to request only 275 bytes of space, optimized over the previous 3,500 bytes.

IOTA gains real-world adoption

This efficiency of IOTA has received high praise from the multinational technology giant. In its blog post, ST stated that while the crypto market is in turmoil, IOTA’s technology is an example of blockchain’s success not relying on price performance. The blog post highlights the following:

With the crypto world in turmoil, IOTA teaches that the success of blockchain technology depends on the merits of its underlying infrastructure, not the market value of altcoin projects.


cryptocoin.comAs you follow, ST has been a particularly long-term IOTA partner. In 2020 it released the first version of its software, X-CUBE-IOTA1. However, it’s not the only real-world company to launch a product on Tangle recently. Late last month, tech giant Dell Technologies announced a partnership with IOTA to build a real-time carbon footprint tracking platform. The solution uses a data trust structure. Also, BioE and ClimateCHECK joined in. Dell Technologies announced this partnership at the beginning of the year as follows:

Time came! In 2022’s flagship post of the year for Edge, we partnered with Iota, BioE, and ClimateCHECK to develop real-time carbon footprint tracking through a data trust structure!

Meanwhile, the IOTA Blockchain ecosystem has expanded with the launch of the Blockchain game IOTAHeroes in 2023. These steps make the IOTA Foundation extremely optimistic for 2023. According to experts, it is possible that the developments will support the rise of the IOTA token. The altcoin was trading at $0.1958, up 0.65% at press time.

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