Powerbank Left Plugged In, Exploding House Set On Fire

A powerbank left to charge in a house in Istanbul today exploded and set the house on fire. Although the fire was extinguished by firefighters in a short time, the apartment became unusable due to the rapidly spreading flames.

You may have heard the news of electronic devices exploding in people’s pockets. An explosion on a larger scale than a smartphone would have happened today. The device was fortunately quite far from its owner. But the sparks from the explosion caused a fire in the house.

In the event that took place in Istanbul today left plugged in a powerbank caused a fairly large explosion for its size. The flat, which caught fire with sparks from the powerbank, became unusable.

The sparks soon turned into fire:

At around 12:00 today, a powerbank that was left connected to an outlet exploded in an apartment in Arnavutköy district of Istanbul. With the power of the explosion turn seat cushion to ash The powerbank caused a fire in the house with the sparks it scattered around.

Sparks scattered by the explosion; The sparks turned into flames in a short time, as it must have coincided with items such as curtains and covers that burn easily. Firefighters were dispatched to the area after the residents noticed. Although the fire was brought under control in a short time as a result of the intervention of the teams, many belongings in the flat has become unusable.


How to Choose the Best Powerbank Compatible with Your Phone?

We do not know what brand the exploding powerbank is. We don’t think he’s in a recognizable state anyway. However, let us remind you on the occasion of this event; on your phones fake batteries to use or powerbanks from unknown origin Using it does create this possibility, although it doesn’t always cause these types of explosions.

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