Power Rangers Universe Coming to Netflix with New Projects

The legendary series of the 90s, Power Rangers, is getting ready to be included in Netflix with brand new projects. The series is planned to be developed not only as a series or a movie, but as a large cinematic universe.

A series that must be watched by those who were children in the 90s and even in the early 2000s; Power Rangers. Power Rangers, which was first published in 1993 and made a sound first in the USA and then all over the world, made many adaptations and films in the following years; It has turned into a huge universe with comics and games coming out, just like the Marvel universe.

However, over time, the series fell from the agenda a little, even though it kept its place in the memories. Power Rangers, which has been going on for 27 seasons and came up with different projects in this process, to superheroes It is about the adventures of a group of ‘ordinary’ young people who have transformed themselves and try to protect the world from evil as you can imagine.

Projects have been worked on for a long time:

In fact, the information that Power Rangers will come up with new projects is not new. such that since 2018 It was rumored that Power Rangers would come up with new projects. Then, last year, it was announced that Hasbro’s entertainment studio Entertainment One plans to create a new Power Rangers cinematic universe that will encompass both movies and series, and will be directed by Jonathan Entwistle (director of Netflix’s The End of the F***king World). .


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After these developments, we finally learned where to watch this intriguing new cinematic universe. According to the news, which was first confirmed by eOne Television’s president, Michael Lombardo, in an interview with Deadline, the Power Rangers cinematic universe with new movies, TV shows and programs for kids It’s coming to Netflix. Although there is no detailed information about the projects yet, the developments seem to please the generation who watched Power Rangers in their childhood. Of course, the producers of this new cinematic universe aim to attract a new audience with impressive content.

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